The entire family of B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Scanners

Some models shown are now discontinued.

Standard BOSS 2-Zone

The BOSS chair that started it all in 1996. Until recently retired in 2012, this 2-zone model served law enforcement for just over 20 years.

Big BOSS 4-Zone

The big brother to the original Standard BOSS chair with 4-scan zones. This body style was also retired in 2012 to allow increased production for the newly designed BOSS II 5-zone chair.

The BOSS II represents the 2nd generation of BOSS chairs with a rugged yet sleek new body style. With 5-scan zones, it’s the highest BOSS model to date.

The BOSS III is the 2nd model released with new body style. It’s the only chair in the BOSS line up in which the model number actually represents the scan zones inside.