Schedule a Call

We are testing a new communication format called “schedule a call.” Under normal circumstances, you (the customer) would call our number and speak to the operator. The operator would then delegate whom to connect you with, based on nature of call.

The problem with this scenario is that the person you’re connected with may be unavailable (on a another call, out of the office, in a meeting, etc.) in which case the call transfers to voicemail.

In an effort to connect you with the right person or department the first time, we have implemented “schedule a call” technology allowing real time interaction with our calendar. This way you are connected with sales, service or support at a time that best suits you without voicemail.

Sound good? Please click the green button below to proceed…


Q. Can I still call you directly? I’d rather not schedule a call.

A. Calls are welcome anytime. Please click here for our current toll free number.

Q. Who can use the new schedule a call service?

A. Until further notice we are testing in the United States only at this time. Any call requests received outside the USA will receive email contact only.