Mediscan Medical Loss Prevention Scanner

Mediscan stops losses before they occur. Rapidly becoming one of the most effective tools in the fight against accidentally discarded surgical instruments worldwide. Get one for your operating room today and start saving money for your hospital or institution.

The Mediscan metal detector has been developed to offer a fast, reliable, and inexpensive way to scan laundry, trash bags, and parcels for prohibited or stolen metal items. These items may be screened on entry to prevent the introduction of an illicit metal object or upon exit to prevent the loss/theft of a metal item. The screening procedure is fast and easy.

Mediscan alarms when a metal object is passed through it. A variable sensitivity adjustment and advanced high discrimination microprocessor controlled electronics enable the operator to specify the size and type of metal objects that must be detected.

The Mediscan features two user selectable detection modes. The all metal mode allows all types of metal to be detected. The second control option detects only stainless steel or ferrous objects. This allows objects such as silverware to be detected while ignoring other metal objects such as aluminum cans, etc.

The Mediscan is a great way to save your medical facility money in accidentally discarded / disposed surgical implements. For some large hospitals, using a Mediscan can mean an annual savings of several hundred thousand dollars in would be lost or discarded instruments. With budgets as tight as they are, it would seem an obvious choice to spend a mere $3500.00 (approximately) to save on average over $250,000 / per year.

How much does your hospital lose annually due to accidentally discarded surgical instruments during operating room clean-up?